3 Not-so-Usual Tests that are a Must for your Home

Hot Rentals Essential Tests for Home Safety 200x200 3 Not so Usual Tests that are a Must for your HomeWhen buying a new house, our main concern is to ensure that it is safe and sound enough for our family to live in. That’s why you have the integrity of the foundation tested, inspectors are called in to check for mold and fungal infection, and a certified professional goes over the electrical wiring throughout the house.

However, unknown to you there are several unseen dangers lurking in your house, ranging from odorless gases to even dryer lint, which can cause fairly serious accidents. Here are three unconventional tests you must get done to make sure that you are living in a protected space and not one that threatens to go up in flames any minute.

Monitoring for Carbon-monoxide

Every time your chimney flue or furnace vent gets blocked, carbon monoxide (CO) gets trapped in your house. And every year more than 500 deaths are caused by gas leaks from furnaces and appliances. For this reason, it’s best to best spend $40 on getting a carbon monoxide detector. These are usually run by battery and should be mounted on each level of your home, especially in close proximity to your bedroom.

Hot Rentals Checking for Carbon Monoxide 3 Not so Usual Tests that are a Must for your Home

Radon test

Although you may never have heard of this deadly radioactive gas, radon causes lung cancer and is credited with more than 21,000 deaths every year. This gas is odorless and colorless and not many people think too much about having their homes tested for it since they believe that only homes with basements are bound to have radon gas problems. This is a myth that could very well cost you your life.

Radon can be found in all types of soils and it can seep into your house through cracks in the foundation or the crawl space under your house. Once inside, it tends to get trapped within the four walls, leading to dangerously high build up.

Bring home the radon test kits which cost less than $20 and are extremely reliable in nature. If the radon levels in your house are above 1.3 picocuries per liter of air, or pCi/L, installation of a radon reduction system is recommended, which will vent the dangerous gas outside.

Hot Rentals How Radon can creep into your home 3 Not so Usual Tests that are a Must for your Home

Test for Asbestos & Lead

As long as they remain untouched and un-tampered with you will have very little problem with either lead or asbestos. However, the moment you start scraping, sanding, drilling or breaking apart vinyl flooring filled with asbestos or lead paint on the walls you are inviting huge trouble for yourself. Lead filled dust or fibers that are released from asbestos flooring can cause extensive damage to your lung and nervous system when inhaled.

Most lead test kits sold today are quite inexpensive and deliver fairly accurate results. If it does happen that you find asbestos or lead in your home, do not attempt to remove it by yourself. This is not the job for an amateur. Get a professional and certified contractor to do the job efficiently.

Hot Rentals Checking Asbestos and Lead 3 Not so Usual Tests that are a Must for your Home


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