Buying a House: Make sure you don’t invest in a White Elephant

buying a house 200x183 Buying a House: Make sure you don’t invest in a White ElephantFor most people, buying a house is an investment of a lifetime. For this reason, you must be extra careful when looking at houses and deciding which one is going to be your home forever.

A lot of homebuyers often focus on superficial factors, such as design features, the facilities included, the surrounding area and neighborhood. While all these are important factors, most people forget to look at the structural stability of the house. Eventually, you are stuck with a place that drains your resources with repair after repair after repair!

Here are a few things you must check out when buying a house to avoid getting stuck with a money pit.

Inspect the Basement

A basement is the best place for you to check out the quality of materials and type of construction used to build the house. In addition, basements also give a clear picture regarding the electrical systems, plumbing, heating and cooling. You will be able to get a fair idea of the age of the equipments and the condition they are in.

Look around the Foundation

It’s no news that the foundation of a home is what keeps the structure sound. And sadly enough most problems that people experience in a house arise from poor stability in the building’s foundation. Therefore, the foundation deserves a separate mention of its own.

While most people would run to a structural engineer to have their house checked, there are a few telltale signs you can look for yourself, which give clear indication of structural instability, such as size and proximity of trees near the structure and cracks and gaps in hard surface floors.

Look for Signs of Water Damage

Ignore the damaging effects of water and you are sure to run up huge bills on house repair. Water has the potential to ruin things more than any other agent of destruction and fixing water damage is among the more costly expenses in a house. So, keep a sharp look out for signs of damage caused by water.

water damage Buying a House: Make sure you don’t invest in a White Elephant

Begin with the kitchen and bathroom. Check the fixtures to see how they’ve been maintained. Inspect the caulk in sinks and seals around windows. Should you find signs of cracks and mildew, it’s a good indicator that bigger problems await you down the road.

Finally, if possible, plan a visit in bad weather. A tour on a bad weather day may not always be feasible or practical, but it’s one of the best ways to see how the house deals with real-world conditions. You’ll be able to spot all the leaks and flaws in one visit!  Once you know what you are dealing with, you will be in a better position to take a call on buying the house. dont buy a house that could turn into a money pit Buying a House: Make sure you don’t invest in a White Elephant

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